Your First Render — Houdini Mantra Tutorial

In the second video we will be discussing the steps needed to “hit that render button”. I mean, that’s why we are all gathered here, right? Adding a light, a camera, and a mantra output driver — I will be showing you how to do just that. If you are an intermediate or advanced user, this might be not what you are looking for, but for someone who is just starting the learning journey this video will be important. Not skipping any steps here!

How to Render with Houdini Mantra

You are ready to hit that render button, but what do you need to do that? Lights, camera, action? Well, maybe we can do without action.

We continue discovering ins and outs of using Houdini as an application to render our creations, and learn our way through the interface of using Mantra. Let’s make some pixels!

Houdini Mantra Series

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