Triplanar Projection & Gamma Fix — Houdini Mantra Tutorial

Triplanar projection solves tons of UV-related problems on tricky geometry which does not need UVs to begin with. We will discover this method of shading, set up new defaults, and create our alien rock.

What is a triplanar projection

A triplanar projection, as the name suggests, is a special way of applying materials and textures to your geometry from X, Y, and Z axis, as well as their negative counterparts. Simply put: a way to procedurally texture any object without having to deal with UVs.

For Triplanar projection we don't need to have UVs

One of the time consuming parts of texturing and shading is having to set up UVs for your assets. However, if you work with procedural approach, for example creating stones, or rocks, or alien terra formations, it is very much impossible to go out there and UV every object.

Projecting textures from all axis comes to help. In the video above I show the basics of triplanar node, some caveats to be aware of, and even how to fix wrong gamma, in case your textures come in a format that is not optimized for linear rendering in Mantra. All that and other tips, tricks, and time saving workflows in our latest tutorial. Let’s create!

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