Shall we begin?

It is almost scary how hard it is to write something that is supposed to be the opening words for anything. I now fully understand the mixture of feeling thrill and devastation at the same time: you are almost burning from a desire to share your thoughts, at the same time whatever you write feels wrong, misplaced, forced.

In short, I believe this project, this company will be able to create meaningful, positive impact on lives of many creatives. There’s a lot of talk about innovation and disruption within all kinds of industries, yet I can’t help but feel a disconnect between what people mean to do, what they say, and what they do. So, do not expect me do to the same kind of speech.

The goals of Arise.Works (and Studio) are nothing short of ambitious, achieving which will require serious commitment and hard work. Naturally, I’ve made myself extremely unemployed with a mindset of devoting all of my time to this endeavor.

I need more coffee.

– glitchi