Noise & Ramp — Houdini Mantra Tutorial

Finally, we are building a material from the ground up. We are going to look at noises, controlling their output with ramps, and finally adding micro details to the normals using those techniques. This is an introduction to noises and ramps, but you can already see how powerful the concept really is.

What Is a Color Ramp

We will be working with procedurally generated noises inside our scene, and to control the results of what is being generated by the noises we will use a Ramp. It’s a special node that has an ability to convert any parameter, input, or color in our case to any other value of our choice.

Is Procedural Shading With Mantra Hard

Despite Houdini being overall notorious for not being extremely easy to learn, this section of the tutorial will show you that just using a small number of nodes we will have a very controllable setup of procedurally shading our hard surface geometry. Let’s do this!

Houdini Mantra Series

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