Layer & Material Mixing — Houdini Mantra Tutorial

Mixing layers, shaders and materials is essential for creating varied procedural material setups. I walk you through a basic setup so you understand the process from A to Z without needless complications. I also show you some UI tweaks for working around some Houdini quirks.

How to mix layers and materials in mantra

First things first, we will discuss the very basics on layer mixing. After we get through that part, we will look at how to combine full shader setups with any mask, even using a procedural noise, that is created rendertime.

Material mixing might appear something of “no thank you” thing, but actually it is not that hard. We will see within the course of the video tutorial which nodes will help us, and how to mix them, as well as making our mixed shader actually work. Since the Houdini UI will not recognize the layer mix node as an output. Fear not, we will solve that problem as well. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s learn something new!

Houdini Mantra Series

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