Displacement & Problem Fixing — Houdini Mantra Tutorial

Displacement can produce interesting effects to your geometry, especially so when it’s noise-driven. Yet, it can also break your shading. We will be looking at how to setup displacement and how to fix problems that can appear in the render.

What Does Displacement Do

Imagine you have to create some kind of geometric detail, but you really don’t want to spend time modeling it. Displacement comes in handy in just those cases – it can add additional levels of detail to your objects without the need to actually make them by hand. Sometimes, though, displacement can look wrong.

Displacement Shading Is Broken, How Do I Fix It

In the video above I show the necessary steps to avoid displacement destroying your geometry. So in fact there is more ways than one to get rid of the shading problem, each usable in certain situations of your lookdev process. So, let’s create some gribble geometry, and see how to avoid shading errors!

Houdini Mantra Series

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